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Therapy and Hypnotherapy

The main difference in these therapies is that hypnosis technique is commonly regarded as a complementary or alternative treatment. Hypnotherapy can be used by itself or in addition to talk therapy sessions or as a tool used by a therapist during therapy sessions

Hypnosis Techniques are ideal for Trauma, child regressive therapy and healing the inner child to help your present.

Release  Forgive  Heal

Typically, your first session with the therapist will be different from future visits. The initial visit is a period for you and your therapist to get to know each other and get an idea of how to proceed. Future visits will be more therapeutic in nature. For example, in your second session, you may explore a specific symptom, problem, or past trauma you mentioned in the first session. When you want to address more in your first session, simply consider time. when booking your appointment.

The first part of your hypnotherapy session is your chance to chat with your therapist about what you would like support with and what your goals are here. We'll keep those goals in mind all the way through the sessions.  Hypnotherapy has two significant advantages over other psychological approaches: Hypnotherapy deals directly with the subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy is usually far quicker in producing beneficial changes and results

Client's receive a 21-day post session Follow-Up Call and Email Support

Clients pay at time of booking

Choose from 60 and 90 minute appointments

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Client's should allow for time during these sessions that meet their specific needs.

New Client's receive a free 15 minute Discovery Call

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