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Reiki Treatment

Receive distance Reiki treatments to positively charge and harmonize your energy and improve your well-being. Experience more energy, better mood, more mental peace, reduced negativity and even reduce pain. in just one session

Mind  Body  Spirit

All Energy healing is ongoing, which is why positively charging the energy, clearing, unblocking and balancing when life changes happen is more like spiritual hygiene. It's important to know where in our body we are holding our emotions. By doing this, we can focus on what we need by tuning into the body and do the work to heal.

Receive a 21-day post session follow up call and email support

In 60 minute sessions, it's possible to read the energy and give specific information to the client related to issues they may have in their energy field, and recommendations for permanent improvement.


Clients pay at time of booking

Choose from 30 and 60 minute appointments 

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New Client's receive a free 15 minute Telephone Consultation

Show up for your relaxing energy healing

Make an internal request for what you wish to achieve and stay open for the experience to receive.

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