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"On your journey into self Mastery, the path will present itself and doors will open, but you have to pay attention, be courageous and trust in your divine guidance, once you do, this ignites divine connection and wisdom - the key to a luminous life."

- Cassaundra Paolini -

Divine Energy Healing by Cassaundra Paolini 


Our Journey

When we were very young, we already knew what was intended of us and it conflicted harshly with the life we were born into - many others also experience this.

We so often asked, "where has the magic gone, what happened to the heaven on earth?"

We had come into the physical body with memories intact of previous incarnations, who and what we truly are, and particular gifts and abilities - this was not widely accepted.

It took decades to have the courage to step into our power, and not be afraid of our truth.  

What a beautiful thing it was, when we finally let go ... and so began the best part of our life.

A major catalyst shook my world into an undeniable awakening, and finally gave me the courage to embark on a profound quest; with preparations completed in 2007, I was able to walk away from family, work, relationship, even my country, to began a long deep healing and transformational journey - After a profound vision and message, in it they told me that the key to the universe (more powerful and precious than anything I could imagine) was in me, if I only have the courage to begin this journey, then unimaginable blessings awaited me. I was scared, terrified really, but I had always trusted my divine guides, and knew that this is why I was here.

I needed to be alone, no one else, no other eyes, no judgment, just me and my God. alone, I moved overseas to a foreign country, where we didn't know anyone nor did we speak the language. 

It seemed crazy to some, courageous to others, but our inspiration to follow that path opened the gateway to higher study and higher consciousness (well beyond the Psychology and Human Behavioral studies or shamanic and aboriginal teachings of our younger years),

Our pinnacle moment was in 2012 when we learned to unify the conscious mind with our divine spirit and channel the I AM Presence (unimaginable expansion and information), and Oh my God, how beautiful life on this earth became.

Now began the next step in our evolution, the true conscious creator self - the Master I AM that I AM.

The divine inner teacher taught us how to communicate and control our channels, collapse our own time lines, rewrite cellular memory, connect and upgrade our inner child, heal the child trauma, release the old programming, and input new positive programming, activate code sequences and so much more! Then, when the magic came back, we were so excited that others should experience how amazing we felt, that Divine Energy Healing was born.

We are here today, joyfully, continuing this awe inspiring journey, to experience, learn and expand, in this amazing "school of life". and we are delighted to share it with you.

We all deserve to live our best lives, therefore our goal and deepest intention has always been for people to find that inner connection, worth and value, and to feel the peace and happiness that they deserve. We are committed to this goal and your Journey into whole Wellness; a powerful part of how we are able to help others, is in our ability to read and work energy, and we draw upon this to help each client and student.

Thank you so much for being here, may the blessing of the light always be yours.

With Love,


Cassaundra was so excited that others should experience her breakthrough, that Divine Energy Healing was born. Her intention: to share this knowledge and a blueprint for healing the wounds of the past, to upgrade your present and step into your Mastery to dream your world into being.

Heaven on Earth awaits You.

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