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Words of Appreciation

"I wanted to reach out and thank you. My life has been easier and full of spirit and life since we did our work in the fall. I wanted to share this with you and let you know you made a difference for me. Thank you Cassandra."

— C February, 2022.

"Thank you Cassaundra and your guide in channeling. This was not only powerful but filled w gentleness... l look fwd to doing others and will check out the calendar on your channel. May you be blessed in your work and rewarded 100 fold. Namaste" 

— P June, 2021.

"Dear Cassaundra, It was lovely seeing your beautiful and hear your energetic voice! Very powerful and motivating. Thank you so much for the session. Blessings"

— A June, 2021.

"Thank u so much for this, i felt like since i woke up everything has gone wrong but now i feel much better :)💕"

— A January, 2021.

"Thank you so much Cassuandra. I appreciate you taking the time to respond to me. I will be taking on the task and learning from it, thank you for bringing clarity to me."

— G July, 2020.

"Again thanks for your amazing self and helping me becoming a better self I cannot thank you enough

Many Thanks"

— C July, 2020.

"Cassaundra, Thank you for your time and every bit of energy you put in today. I am thankful for feeling the energy I felt. I can be stubborn but you moved something and pulled things out I never realized where really affecting me. I feel light headed and thankful."

— C June, 2020.

"Hello Cassaundra. I'm living my dream and the universe is very supportive! It feels amazing!"

— M October, 2019. Calgary, AB

"You have been a gift for me and my soul and I cant thank you enough Cassaundra you have gone above and beyond guiding me and giving me insight for healing and I have been sharing out to other women stories listening to them and sharing I have a connection with you!"

— C on October, 2019. Calgary, AB

" Hello Cassaundra, I wanted to say thank you for everything! You have helped me a lot. I feel so powerful and full of confidence in myself. Even other Women notice it and I tell them all to book a session with you. So far I showed your website to 2 ladies here in Calgary and recommended them to book 2 hour session with you... It will be great for them to raise their vibrations! Thank you again for everything!"

— K on August, 2018. Calgary, AB

"I always feel Light & Love when I visit Ms. Paolini. I was able to look deeper within myself & recognize all the things I had to work on & I was able to set my intention towards it.

I had an amazing experience with Ms. Paolini & recommend anyone to take this course for self healing."

— Maria on April, 2018. Calgary, AB

"A very special and wonderful session from Divine Energy Healing today. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to meet with Cassaundra , life altering and soul awakening. I hold immense gratitude for her time, wisdom and kindness. Huge heart and healing hands. A perfect start to an exciting journey."

— Micheal on March, 2018. Calgary, AB

"Amazing! Cassaundra's energy is so uplifting! Attending the Chakra Healing Course with her was on of the best decisions I've made for myself. She was extremely helpful and full of so much knowledge! I have so much to take away from this course because of her. Being able to take this course has helped me to to understand how to properly connect myself, protect myself, heal myself and others. I learned everything I need to know for myself. I'm more than satisfied with this course."

— Kellyn on February, 2018. Calgary, AB

"Life altering. So grateful to have had the opportunity to share space and this incredible experience with you Cassaundra."

— F.V on December, 2017. Calgary, AB

“ Hi thank you for the wonderful session yesterday. I feel a shift in energy and more confident and have piece of mind. And feel the feelings of gratitude! ”

— Steve on August, 2017. Calgary, AB

“ A beautiful soul with a hunger to heal the world. She has done great work with me and removed some bad things from my existence. As well always a wonderful woman to have deep and meaningful conversations with.”

— Phil on April, 2017. Calgary, AB

“ Very positive lots of knowledge very spiritual great positive energy. I know my own related problems and where they are coming from relation between my energy and others. Love the meditations, more meditations before each session.”

— Karina on March, 2017. Calgary, AB

“ I liked the way Cassaundra talks and gives the information. Her knowledge is excellent. I learned a different way of energy healing which will help me in the future”

— Lidia on March, 2017. Calgary, AB

“ Two words....... LIFE CHANGING ........ namaste. xxxxxxx!

Cassaundra changed my whole life. I see the world in a whole new way. She truly reached into the dark and pulled me into the light... I am now a Reiki Master and very honoured that I was trained from the best.”

— Dawn on December, 2016. Calgary, AB

"Cassaundra is an incredible energy healer with a powerful yet gentle force"

— Anam C on November, 2016. Calgary, AB

“ The New Moon Meditation was very powerful! I received some key messages personal to me to help me focus on my path. It was an uplifting experience that left me with a sense of peace and tranquility. Can't wait until the next one!”

— Kasha on November, 2016. Calgary, AB

“ I just wanted to loudly say: THANK YOU, Thank You for being with me, coaching me and helping me to be more at peace with myself... you learned me to love myself... You are fabulous, be proud of yourself as I am proud of you :) ...

With all respect and love “

— M.K on June, 2016. Calgary, AB

“ Cassaundra is a breath of fresh air – powerful in her ways yet loving & positively encompassing of all there is. Beautiful divine soul. Benefits from having participated in the Chakra Healing Course: Confidence!! And as though I finally listened to what my purpose really was. I was vibrating at a very low level but now I am vibrating at a much higher frequency. Thank you – sincerely – Thank you. More than I ever expected.”

— C. Dallaire on May, 2016. Edmonton, AB

“ Ms. Paoliini is very inspirational, clear, and precise with a great flow and structure. Very kind and positive. Love your stories of reflection.

Benefits received from the Chakra Healing Course: personal insights and healing activated her teachings stories and healing 1 on 1. The hands on practice to validate the energy feelings/sensations was amazing :) and learning more about the healing modalities – more in depth than any other course I took.”

— M. Baumann on May, 2016. Red Deer, AB

“ it was an amazing experience. A very powerful and inspiring woman. She shares her divine wisdom from the heart. I felt more confident in my abilities with chakra healing; a lot more calm & grounded in my energy. Learned a lot of great information I wouldn’t have learned without this course. A wonderful relaxing experience, met wonderful people and truly am grateful. Thank-you.”

— Barb Dulawa on May, 2016. Edmonton, AB

“ Re : Chakra Healing Course. I had no idea what to expect, wonderful experience, I want to do it again. I’d never been remotely interested in this type of thing before. I’m interested in learning more and practicing.”

— Marcia Stewart on May, 2016. Edmonton, AB

“ Re : Chakra Healing Course. was fun and eye-opening. Great to see energy healing in action. Great to practice it in a safe environment. Great to receive a healing :) Thank you.”

— K. Wang on May, 2016. Edmonton, AB

“ Cass, With no doubt you were angel of my life during that hard period of my life... thanks for all guidance and all AMAZING healing that I had with you. Thanks and Thanks and Thanks :) ”

— M on April, 2016. Calgary, AB

“ Thank you again for an amazing session on Wednesday - insightful, profound and very emotional; it far exceeded my expectations! ”

— Paul on Dec, 2015. Calgary, AB

“ I cannot say thank you enough. I had a wonderful sleep and was still in deep peaceful place all of today. I have never ever had a more profound experience in my life before. I can truly say our conversation yesterday has definitely shifted a lot in me, shifted me in the direction I always knew I had to go but didn't know how to and didn't have the courage to.

You are a remarkable spirit in an equally remarkable human body. I thank my guardian angels and my higher self for sending you my way. I look forward to another meeting with you and I would like to schedule one of the courses listed on the website. I will be in touch about an appointment once I am ready.

Again, I thank you. You are a true blessing to anyone who crosses your path. Forever grateful, ”

— K.E on Nov, 2015. Calgary, AB

“ Re: Angel Healing Course. I felt I had to write to say a huge thank you. really huge.

I embrace the wonderful gift I was given that day. I feel light, happy and mostly full of love.. a love I have never fully experienced in this life anyway.

Thank you does not even cover it... but if there is ever a new word invented then I send it to you.

My kids are happier, we all are. I look forward to being a part of making people find themselves again... and feeling the amazing love I feel.”

— D.M on Nov, 2015. Calgary, AB

“ Exceptional and Professional - Cassaundra is the Real Deal - well educated and versed in broad spiritual knowledge in order to accommodate and work with the needs of participants. Most notable is Cassaundra's ability to stay connected with her spirit guides and set boundaries. The boundaries are simply for creating a spiritually safe environment for the participants to individually take responsibility for their own deep healing process. The best moral compass and integrity I have seen, witnessed and experienced in years! Cassaundra's approach to her teaching technique is one of deep rooted knowledge (theory - research- applied healing techniques) and story telling relating to personal experiences. Cassaundra's ability to read the participants promotes safety, which opens the opportunity to share thus encouraging the transformational process of deep healing. Each participant is gently guided to take responsibility for their own creation of thoughts and is encouraged to address any issues in a gentle quiet manner - releasing all thoughts that do not serve ones higher good. The guided process established, than fills you up with only that which serves your highest and best interest for yourself and for the good of others. Active Listening, Empowerment, responsibility and encouragement to be the best you can be, guided by your highest divine source (God/Spirit/Creator etc) ”

Welcome HOME Cas, Edmonton is fortunate to have you back stronger and more set on Truth and true transformational healing. ”

— Renata M Kolbus on Apr, 2015. Edmonton, AB.

“ Re: Angel Healing Course. It was absolutely amazing. Worth every penny and then some. Thank you, Cassaundra. This was definitely life changing.

Much Love and Light. ”

— Diana on April, 2015. Edmonton, AB.

“ That was the best and most clearing, moving and traveling I have every done in one guided meditation. Thank you very much as I always wanted and needed to do that. ”

— Wayne on Apr, 2015. Edmonton, AB.

“ I enjoyed it so much ”

— Andrew on Jan, 2015. Edmonton, AB.

“ I really enjoy the meetup style of information first then meditation, Thank you Cassandra ”

— Trish Anderson on Dec 31, 2014. Edmonton, AB.

“ I have never experienced it before. I don't know the right words to describe how much better I feel. ”

— Wanda on Dec 5, 2014. Edmonton, AB.

“ very peaceful ”

— abhijeet on Nov 7, 2014. Calgary, AB

“ It was an AMAZING evening and an incredible experience!! WOW! Thank you so much Cassaundra! I look forward to upcoming events!”

— Maria on Oct 15, 2014. Calgary, AB

“ I enjoyed myself. Learned a lot and I will be resonating for some time.”

— Vstargurl on Aug 21, 2014. Calgary, AB

“ I really felt at peace in Cassaundra’s meditation. ”

— Rick Morrison on Aug 10, 2014. Calgary, AB

“ So much valuable information on the chakra preceding a very profound and wonderful meditation. Amazing!"

— Jodie on May 8, 2014. Calgary, AB

“ This particular evening I found to be very personal and rewarding and the meditation was amazingly healing. There were many great pieces of information and tips shared that I am planning on incorporating into my day to day. The time just flew by tonight. Thank you to Cassaundra and "family"!"

— Jodie on May 8, 2014.

“ awesome meet up,,,great energy,,,so glad i came tonite"

— DEAN on May 12, 2014. Calgary, AB

“ Was such a blessing to experience the anointment while the spirit family was present. The entire meditation was such a gift! Thank you again!”

— Jodie on May 21, 2014. Calgary, AB

“ Amazing how much of a difference I could feel in myself after the meditation. I felt so happy afterwards that all I wanted to do was sing and dance and I couldn't stop smiling. ”

— Marissa G on April 16, 2014. Calgary, AB

“ Although challenging, I absolutely loved the exercise part of feeling the food with the higher vibrations. I am working on incorporating this into my daily life! I did this at dinner the other night and was surprised how much of a difference I could feel between the organic veggies vs the canned ones! Pretty cool I must say! Thank you :) "

— Marissa on March 31, 2014. Calgary, AB

“ stimulating, relaxing, educating...all in one in a very friendly environment ”

— L on Mar 19, 2014. Calgary, AB

“ A very warm and supportive environment. I felt at ease. Thank you so much for welcoming me into your space and light last night. I would greatly love to make this group a reoccurring retreat in my life.”

— Ava on Mar 17, 2014. Calgary, AB

“ it was a very positive experience and i hope to do it again soon ”

— DEAN on Mar 10, 2014. Calgary, AB

“ These meditations are so in-depth and profound in a very enlightening way. Cassaundra is so knowledgeable and shares so much about herself and her spirit family. I walk away amazed every time! Never a disappointment."

— Jodie on April 24, 2014. Calgary, AB

“ What an amazing experience out group shared tonight ... Thank - you }¥{ ”

— Sherry Crawford on Feb 12, 2014. Calgary, AB

“ What an awesome event! Really took the time out to give each one of us individual attention and really felt like a beautiful spiritual family. Thank you so much for your heart chakra! ”

— Cindy on Feb 6, 2014. Calgary, AB

“ Thank you Cassaundra for your gift and your smile. I came to meditation after some very difficult days. Meditating and being surrounded by people brought joy, peace and strength to carry on and face other obstacles with calmness and gratitude. Seeking more and coming back. Namaste. ”

— Lenka on Feb 6, 2014. Calgary, AB

“ This was a fantastic workshop, it was very informative and was wonderful to experience using the healing techniques that I learned. ”

— Cindy on Feb 2, 2014. Calgary, AB

“ Always enlightened by a new experience and many profound moments..... ”

— Carolina on Jan 23, 2014. Calgary, AB

“ It was very nice - great energies ”

— Jean-Luc Allaire on Jan 7, 2014. Calgary, AB

“ This was an amazing experience and for me, this is just the beginning. Cassaundra,you're incredibly gifted. And thank you so much for welcoming us so warmly to your house. I look forward to seeing you all again. ”

— Nadia on Jan 7, 2014. Calgary, AB

“ Cassaundra you are amazingly connected. I have much to learn and improve on. Thank you for your time. If you know areas I need to clean up to fulfill my destiny your honest insight would be appreciated. I can take it. I look forward to next time. ”

— Bernie Knopp on Jan 6, 2014. Calgary, AB

“ Incredibly beautiful day full of valuable learning and experiences in a highly safe environment. The intent and passion was formidable in many ways. The full moon was the icing on the cake! Yum! lol ”

— Karen Roe on Nov 17, 2013. Calgary, AB

“ Amazing Experience!! Things happened that I never even knew were possible. I highly recommend this!!”

— Barbara on Nov 4, 2013. Calgary, AB

“ It was very good ”

— Amal on Oct 28, 2013. Calgary, AB

“ It was amazing and I learned soo much, will be keeping in touch and looking forward to more workshops. Thank Thank you :) ”

— Chantelle Baron on Oct 20, 2013. Calgary, AB

“ it was exceptional! Thank you for being the shining star that you are Cassaundra!! I learned a lot and your book is amazing, has tremendous information!!! THANK YOU!! ”

— Debi Green on Oct 19, 2013. Calgary, AB

“ the end of this course will be bitter sweet ”

— Ember on Oct 1, 2013. Calgary, AB

“ Cassaundra is an excellent facilitator and has an endless expanse of knowledge on this topic. Awesome session - learned a ton and very interesting and fulfilling meditation to close off! Excellent Cassaundra!”

— Paul Hanrieder on Sep 19, 2013. Calgary, AB

“ Enlightening - had a powerful shift going on the last two days.... Thank- you! ”

— Sherry Crawford on Aug 17, 2013. Calgary, AB

“ Hi Cassaundra, thank you very much for providing my daughter and i with chakra alignments and healings. We are very pleased to have experienced this with you and will be sure to share your name with others. You are absolutely amazing, your work, your teaching, your self! You made us feel very comfortable with the experience and were blown away with the work that you do and the information you provided. You have definitely made a difference in our life :) ”

— Cindy on Jul 6, 2013. Calgary, AB

“ It was great just what I needed to relax and heal myself and get rid of the stress

Thank you ”

— Donna on Jul 31, 2013. Calgary, AB

“ I want you to know that believing in myself is something that i am moving towards, through you i am getting more insight to myself and that I am grateful for!”

— Jessica on Jul 25, 2013. Calgary, AB

“ Thank you so much for your healing and time with me. It was very helpful and I am more balanced and have a renewed sense of where I am and what I WANT. I will continue the practices you taught me.”

— Russell on Jun 20, 2013. Calgary, AB

“ Very well presented by Cassaundra. Everyone felt their chakras opening up.”

— Cyrene on Jun 11, 2013. Calgary, AB


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