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Energy Healing Classes

Divine Energy flows through all Life

Integrated Energy Healing

"Everyone is Welcome, no experience necessary"

Divine Energy is a Divine Universal Life Force, it is the force that causes plants to grow, birds to fly, and each of us to take our next breath. There is no beginning or end to this energy; it is like an all encompassing ocean within which all of creation exists. Universal Energy can be accessed in a powerful and intentional way for the purpose of healing as the body is programmed to heal itself, but sometimes it needs gentle reminding.

Your personal experience will result in feeling more balanced, reduced anxiety, a greater sense of freedom, soul purpose & guided inner peace.

The infinite healing power of the Divine Universe and you. Are you ready to experience it?

In this amazing gentle introductory class series to Energy Healing you will Learn Vital tools & techniques to support multiple processes for balancing, healing, cleansing, shielding and grounding your energy, mind and body, even clear emotional traumas and reconnect with your inner child to upgrade your life.

You will explore the modalities of healing and learn to give yourself an energetic healing through practical application.

Integrated Energy Healing

An Introduction to Integrated Energy Healing: Divine Life Force, Earths' Healing Force, and the Energy of Angels. This Amazing Divine Connection, with all the tools you need for your own powerful, safe and effective healing.

Enroll in this beautiful life enhancing Course

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  • 6 hour Private Virtual Classroom with Ms. Paolini

  • Every class you will learn a new healing technique 

  • Receive personal Healing & Energy Work

  • Q & A and Sharing

  • Follow-up Support on your Journey

*Class curriculum subject to change based on the need of the student(s)


Your Healing Journey Begins Now

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