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Angel Healing

A Beautiful Life Enhancing Course

Healing with the Angelic Realm

"Everyone Welcome, No Experience Necessary"

Get into the mindset of unconditional love and worthiness as you Join Spiritual teacher and Wellness therapist Cassaundra Paolini to ignite healing and connect to your divine purpose.

We have entered what is called The Golden Age, where peace, harmony and understanding are called into the vibration and frequencies of our blessed planet and the Divine by the Angel Realm to help facilitate a new type of healing. Through channeling and invoking you will understand the new dynamics and frequency of this healing and this will allow you to amp up your healing abilities while costing you no energy and bringing an immediate and long lasting peace.

This very profound and special Series allows you to sort out what's most important in your life, get into your heart center (the essence of your divinity, and introduce you to the divine angelic healing and helping power. Allow their energy to shift your frequency to propel life enhancing results to help you achieve your goals.

By the end of this very special course, you are guaranteed to have the knowledge and skills to be able to channel, invoke, heal and communicate better with these angels.

Each class includes meeting and learning about your angels, healing energy work, and guided channeling; Please ensure that you are in a quiet, relaxing space for the class, where you can both sit and stand comfortably.


Are you ready to learn and allow what the Divine angelic beings can do for you?

You will introduced to the amazing Angelic Realm: learn to create a safe space to work in - clear and cleanse space, hold space, and create a powerful healing container, so that you can safely and with confidence invoke and channel the healing power of these angelic beings (for yourself and for others). Learn Trance Channeling and work on your connection and communication skills with these divine beings - receiving messages and understanding their subtle signals and energy signatures to help you achieve your goals.

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  • 8 hour Private Virtual Classroom with Ms. Paolini
  • Learn to heal with the archangels 
  • Learn to channel these divine beings
  • Learn to communicate with the angelic realm
  • PDF Manual 

    • Your personal healing 

    • Q & A session

    • Follow-up Support on your Journey

    • *Assessment

    • Angel Healing Therapy Certification (PDF)


    Private one-on-one

    Divine Energy Healing by Cassaundra Paolini offers one-on-one private personal training.

    Contact us and let us know what date and time better suits your needs and we will work together with you to schedule a course suited for you.

    All Courses are non-refundable

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