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Chakra Healing Course

Learn to Heal at a Quantum Level

"Everyone Welcome, No Experience Necessary"

Heal & Activate Your 12 Chakras

There are seven major Chakras, each of which is located in a specific area, have a specific name and a specific set of functions. They regulate the energy flow through out our bodies and also govern the seven major endocrine glands and by extension various parts of our bodies. There are another 5 principal energy centers outside of the body which govern the etheric field, bioelectric field and your connection to your Divine self as well as Mother Earth.

With free and clear Chakras, you realize abundance in loving relationships, you become in touch with your feelings and creativity, you access your personal power, you are able to fully give and receive love, you are open to express yourself and communicate freely, you gain an inner understanding of your being and the world that you live in, and you become connected to your highest self and feel an internal harmony that everyone should experience.  

"YES YOU CAN DO IT!" Be amazed how fast and easy the practice is once you learn.

Chakra Healing Course 

Explore the connection of the mind, body, spirit and your energy system. Understand how to read the map,, where to focus and what steps to take to begin the healing process. Experience clear and balanced chakras. Learn the principles to free and heal your chakras, uncover blocks and reach your highest potential through conscious Creation and energetic Healing - Ensuring that your energy is clear and at its optimum


14 hours

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  • Virtual Classroom with Ms. Paolini

  • Learn 15 healing and balancing techniques 

  • Explore the 12 chakra system

  • Deep healing session

  • PDF Manual 

  • Q&A and sharing

  • Follow-up Support on your Journey.


Feel the Balance and Harmony

Your Healing Journey Begins Now

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